Thank you so much for your interest in my work!
At this time I am only working on Bring-a-Plant and Floral Flash tattoos

Bring-a-Plant Tattoos

Bring-a-Plant tattoos are super fun as you get to bring pieces of a plant or (several plants!) that we have agreed on for the actual tattoo stencil or reference (Here are some examples.) I send periodic notifications of available times for these appointments to my email list which you can sign up for below. The appointments go fast so watch for my emails. I usually get more requests than I can book for each month, so I choose people based on the best matches for the technique (please note that I am not currently doing Bring-a-Plant tattoos as coverups or additions to existing tattoos.)

Email list signup for Bring-a-Plant scheduling announcements:

Floral Flash Tattoos

All of the 2018 Floral Flash designs have now been spoken for–big thanks to everyone who has shown so much enthusiasm for this project! I will be releasing another set of flash designed by the incredible Scarlett & Grace in later 2018 for Spring of 2019–theme to be announced on my Instagram in the coming year!